Legalities and Wage Recommendations

1 Employer and Contract of Employment

Within the realm of being referred to a family you are considered an employee to be hired by the family. As a registered care 4 kids nanny we provide detailed information including various guidelines for hiring a nanny, sample work contracts, salary calculation stubs and various forms for the required social insurances. It is our strong intention that each nanny becomes familiar with her rights and obligations as an employee.

2 Insurances

Liability Insurance: Each currently registered nanny is insured through care 4 kids against liability claims through a special insurance pool (Haftpflichtversicherung) organized by care 4 kids through AXA Winterthur Versicherungen (Hottingen). This covers personal as well as property damage toward employing family or their children caused during the working hours of babysitter/nanny. This essential insurance is obligatory.

Social Security Insurance: Each person over 18 years of age working in Switzerland must pay social security. The employer is obliged to register with the Social Security office to register the working relationship. The AHV contribution is at present 12.75% and is split in half between employer families and employee sitters. The exception lay by students up to 25 years of age: the SVA Zurich offers an exemption on salaries up to CHF 750.00 per year (Attention: be aware of gaps in SVA contributions should the minimum amount not have been paid).

On- and off-the-job Accident Insurance: In an employment relationship of up to 8 hours per week an on-the-job worker’s compensation is required by law in Switzerland. This covers the trip to and from work, too, and costs a minimum of CHF 100 per year. In an employment relationship above 8 hours per week law requires an insurance that covers both on-the-job accidents as well as those occurring during private hours.

Additional deductions:

  • Possibly 2rd pillar Pension fund (berufliche Vorsorge) for incomes above CHF 21’330.00
  • Illness indemnity insurance (Krankentaggeld).

3 Our Salary and Wage Recommendations

The candidate and member parents should discuss and determine a mutually satisfactory financial compensation. One must consider the nanny’s age, languages, qualifications and experience, the number of children to be cared for, the number of hours to be worked and the jobs frequency, a description of responsibilities and family expectations as well as wishes. The tasks of a nanny encompass everything relating to the children. Additional household chores must be contractually regulated and should be compensated for in the wage.

Depending on the work relationship one may be paid on an hourly wage basis or be paid through a monthly salary.

During our initial Nanny Meet-up, care 4 kids offers our Nanny Handbook including salary and wage recommendations. Once you sign up as a care 4 kids Nanny you will receive more detailed information and tools and guidelines.