Crista Cron

Company founder and managing director of care 4 kids GmbH

Your direct contact person for all matters relating to care 4 kids GmbH

The childcare of my three (now adult) children was the reason and inspiration to establish care 4 kids. After completing my studies in Art History I decided that care 4 kids better combined my family and professional life and this passion has guided me over the many years.

Since 1990 it has been a personal commitment to find the ideal childcare solution for every client based upon their needs. For every nanny I try to find a great family that guarantees a fair salary and solid social insurances. It is my goal to bring happy nannies together with happy families.

With great enthusiasm I am devoted to sports such as powerwalking, tennis and swimming. Ballet, Music, Mahjong and Fine Art are part of my passions. Our three adult children all live in Zurich and are still a tremendous part of my life.

S tefan Cron

Finance and Order Processing

Since my retirement in Summer 2014 I help my wife in the constant growing care 4 kids GmbH. The challenge of working in a new field is, at the same time, a new stage of my life. A care 4 kids day fulfills me and gives me great satisfaction. To manage a significant bookkeeping was a special challenge but at the end of the day I feel pleased and content.

Sports activities in my free time and travel will continuously be very important to me.

Our three children in the meantime are adults and as of December 2016 all left the family nest to be on their own.