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Your childcare needs

Uncomplicated and without obligation, per click tell us about them on our contact questionnaire form.

You will receive an information pack from us and can read, in detail, about the benefits of care 4 kids

Your Membership Subscription

Completing the Membership Subscription Registration form you can enter a binding membership and benefit during the entire year from our support, advice, coaching and valuable assistance.

Your perfect Nanny

You will receive a first selection of Nannies which we have selected according to your childcare needs. You are to invite the various nannies to an introductory interview. As soon as you have chosen the nanny ideal for your family, a contract of employment is to be drawn up or you may delegate this to care 4 kids by additionally selecting the appropriate administrative set-up kit.

Your benefits

With our service packages we make it all possible; we support you every step of the way.

1 Our Service Packages

Referrals of serious, competent and loving Nannies (comprehensive review of resume, skilled personnel through individual basic training sessions, liability insured against personal- and property damages for up to CHF 10 Mio.)

  • Creating individual solutions according to the family’s job profile and needs (schedule, scope of duties, language, number and age of children, etc.)
  • Professional initial selection of suitable nannies and the compilation of profile portfolio. Entitlement to unlimited referrals of nannies during an entire year
  • Organizing temporary solutions, e.g. a replacement should nanny be ill or on vacation. Short-notice, ad-hoc help in emergencies, also outside of business hours
  • Price reduction on booking a childcare team for your private party
  • Tools and resources in hiring a nanny (interview-/wage guidelines, emergency checklist, children details, etc.).
  • Essential guidelines, tools and templates for hiring the nanny (employment contract, wage statement, the various obligatory insurances, etc.)
  • We organize training events for parents and nannies with child-related themes (with qualified specialists)
  • Support and advise through your care 4 kids representative in the event of questions or difficulty
  • Should you renew your Membership at the end of the year you receive a 25% discount

2 Your Process in 6 steps

1. Filling out the contact questionnaire – On the care 4 kids GmbH homepage (LINK contact) one may submit a contact questionnaire for parents or discuss your childcare needs with your representative by phone. Per e-mail, you will receive a packet of information which includes our membership subscription registration form.

2. Choice of the membership – The membership status is defined by the number of hours to be worked each week.
Please submit your membership subscription form directly through our care 4 kids website or mail in your completed form.

3. Selection of nannies – Next you will receive a short-profile selection of eligible nannies and/or babysitters from care 4 kids. Together with the short profile list of eligible candidates the member family receives their membership invoice, payable within 30 days.

4. Interview with the nanny – You may contact the candidates directly to arrange for a personal interview. If you prefer, care 4 kids can arrange the interviews for you.

5. Deciding upon a nanny – You will choose a nanny and sign an employment contract with her. Please take note of the fact that as the employer you are responsible for the hiring of the nanny and adhering to the corresponding legal requirements.

6. drawing up an employment contract – With our services we’d like to support you in your choice administrative arrangement. As a member, you will receive a login for parents on our website and get access to our “Help Kit”. There you will find useful documents for hiring a nanny (templates and guidelines for the employment contract, wage accounting and obligatory insurances).

Additionally, care 4 kids offers the “Starter Kit” or the “Full Administrative Set-up Kit” to facilitate your efforts for the administrative concerns or to take the whole burden off of you.

3 Our Nannies

Since 1990 the reputation of care 4 kids has stood behind every referral. With a nanny resource pool of approx. 200 nannies we guarantee a wide variety of wonderful, multi-lingual individuals. Our nannies are as unique as your personal requirements may be. The care 4 kids nanny team understand your language; in addition to the four Swiss languages we also have people speaking many other languages, for example English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and Swahili.

Our nannies undertake a rigorous admission process with thorough clarifications of what her employment needs are thus fostering a collaboration that is both professional and efficient. Our initial training, continuing education and advisory service as well as solid legal contract samples and guidelines topped off by the care 4 kids liability insurance emphasizes the fact that you are in the best of hands with us.

Die care 4 kids nanny selection process begins with a casual Nanny Meet-up hour. Those candidates seeming suitable for care 4 kids are invited to apply by sending their complete Resume. After carefully reviewing the documents the candidate is invited for an in-depth interview in which we review her professional experience in childcare, her education, profession, languages, hobblies and special interests. The nanny is coached regarding her expected responsibilities, dutes and code of behavior. Standards in avoiding emergencies and the handling of emergencies are discussed. After the interview at least three references will be personally contacted by care 4 kids. We require a Swiss Criminal Record Excerpt from every new nanny and a copy of their Residency Permit B or C.

After a thorough review of each candidate that fulfills our requirements the nanny is received into our nanny pool and, as such, will be liability insured for personal- as well as property-damage for up to CHF 10 Million.

4 Contact questionnaire form

Non-binding contact questionnaire form

Tell us about your childcare needs through our contact questionnaire form, quick, uncomplicated and non binding.

Feel free to give us a call so that we may directly answer your questions, 044 252 97 86

We are delighted to provide our price list and order form for your review.

Non-binding form

5 Registration form

Binding Registration for your Membership Subscription

Please fill out the Registration form online

Online registration

You have the option of downloading and completing the Registration form as a hard copy and mailing it to us

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6 Costs/Membership Subscription

Your Membership Subscription cost is a membership to care 4 kids for an entire year. You have the 12-month benefit of our personal support; you’re ready to face the challenges and changes families are constantly facing and that can affect childcare. You are entitled to an unlimited number of nanny referrals during your year. On top of this we help you in organizing temporary solutions due to vacations, illness of the nanny or parent or for very short-notice emergencies, even outside of our office hours. Our strength lies in our competence of being here, whenever you need us. With well over 25 years of experience we stand by you with support, advice and reliable help.

The membership subscription fee is defined by the number of childcare hours worked per week

  • Membership-Abo 1:

    up to 6 hours of childcare per week

    CHF 750.00
    (exkl. 7.7% VAT)

  • Membership-Abo 2:

    from 6 to 16 hours of childcare per week

    CHF 1’350.00
    (exkl. 7.7% VAT)

  • Membership-Abo 3:

    from 16 to 26 hours of childcare per week

    CHF 1’750.00
    (exkl. 7.7% VAT)

  • Membership-Abo 4:

    above 26 hours of childcare per week

    CHF 2’250.00
    (exkl. 7.7% VAT)


  • The membership will be adjusted should the amount of hours increase at any time during the year.
  • If, for whatever reason, the membership is cancelled during its first six weeks a cancellation fee is required in correlation to the membership status: Abo 1: CHF 300.00/ Abo 2: CHF 540.00/ Abo 3: CHF 700.00/ Abo 4: CHF 900.00 (all exkl. 7.7% VAT)
  • Once your membership subscription has expired you are no longer entitled to the above-listed services and support.
  • You may renew your membership at a 25% reduced rate based upon your original membership fee (even if the fees increase).

Additional care 4 kids Services available to your Membership Subscription:

  • care 4 kids Help Kit

    Templates, sample contracts, wage accounting payslips, explanatory documents and guidelines to the various insurances such as Social Security, accident insurance, pension, workers compensation, etc.
    Included in Membership subscription

  • care 4 kids Starter Kit

    Support either by phone or in a meeting with drawing up the contract of work and the wage accounting, assisting with completing the official forms, assisting family in the various registrations with the required insurances.
    Flat rate: CHF 200.00 (excl. VAT 7.7%)

  • care 4 kids Full Administrative Set-up Kit

    Preparing the work contract, obtaining and reviewing the policies for the required insurances, illness indemnity insurance, dependent child allowance, registering for social security, creating a first salary statement, preparing the salary statement for years end.
    Set up: CHF 600.00 (excl. VAT 7.7%)

  • additional to care 4 kids FullAdministrative Set-up Kit

    Registering for the oblig. Pension plan (Berufliche Vorsorge BVG), registering the employment and reporting salary to the Dept. of Taxation for nannies required to pay income taxes.
    Complete Set up: CHF 900.00 (excl. VAT 7.7%)