our Nannies

Since 1990 the reputation of care 4 kids has stood behind every referral. With a nanny resource pool of approx. 200 nannies we guarantee a wide variety of wonderful, multi-lingual individuals. Our nannies are as unique as your personal requirements may be. The care 4 kids nanny team understand your language; in addition to the four Swiss languages we also have people speaking many other languages, for example English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and Swahili.

Our nannies undertake a rigorous admission process with thorough clarifications of what her employment needs are thus fostering a collaboration that is both professional and efficient. Our initial training, continuing education and advisory service as well as solid legal contract samples and guidelines topped off by the care 4 kids liability insurance emphasizes the fact that you are in the best of hands with us.

The care 4 kids nanny selection process begins with a casual Nanny Meet-up hour. Those candidates seeming suitable for care 4 kids are invited to apply by sending their complete Resume. After carefully reviewing the documents the candidate is invited for an in-depth interview in which we review her professional experience in childcare, her education, profession, languages, hobbies and special interests. The nanny is coached regarding her expected responsibilities, dutes and code of behavior. Standards in avoiding emergencies and the handling of emergencies are discussed. After the interview at least three references will be personally contacted by care 4 kids. We require a Swiss Criminal Record Excerpt from every new nanny and a copy of their Residency Permit B or C.

After a thorough review of each candidate that fulfills our requirements the nanny is received into our nanny pool and, as such, will be liability insured for personal- as well as property-damage for up to CHF 10 Million.

Code of Conduct

  • Relevant child-related work experience and a complete, documented Resume, which will be rigorously reviewed, are mandatory requirements of a care 4 kids nanny

  • Children may never be left unattended, their responsibility never be delegated to a third person or the children be taken to any place without prior consent of the parents.

  • Upon arrival of the nanny/return home of the parents, any particular occurrences must be conveyed

  • Instruct pertaining to emergency situations, to whom can the nanny turn in an emergency

  • No medications are to be given without prior advice from either the pediatrician or parents

  • Respect data protection confidentiality (no photos of children or work place, etc.)

  • Groomed appearance, dress code depends on job from sporty-elegant to casual

  • Upon arrival nanny is to remove her shoes, wash hands, perhaps bind her hair

  • Regular briefing and assessment discussions to enhance working relationship

  • Polite and courteous behaviour toward all care 4 kids families and clients

  • Excerpt from Swiss criminal record not older than 6 months

  • Usage of mobile phone only for emergencies or when work related

  • Refrain from sharing family information with a third party

  • Act to the best of one’s knowledge and judgement

  • No excessive perfume scent or smell of tobacco

  • Punctuality (arrive 5-7 minutes early)

  • Respect the guidelines of the parents

  • Do not leave a mess