What makes us unique?

1 The development history

How do I find a suitable nanny for my own children?

It was in 1990 that the American mother of three, Crista Cron, posed exactly this question. She was well aware of how difficult and time consuming the search for an ideal nanny was. At that time the Internet was in an extremely early stage and the search for a competent babysitter or nanny was close to impossible. It was then that she decided to establish the Babysitter Service Hottingen on a volunteer basis.

To her, as a mother, it was crucial to know that the nanny would perform her tasks in a spirit of responsibility, professionalism and dedication. Crista Cron developed her own structured approach to seeking the right nanny and to assure that she would be professional, confident and loving. She personally interviewed all nannies in an introductory session. Since this early beginning our nannies lie at the heart of care 4 kids. The quality of care 4 kids is reflected in our success story going back many years and through the references of hundreds of satisfied nannies and families.

2 Company philosophy

care 4 kids has long ago set itself the goal of finding each client, family and nanny a solution that meets both parties corresponding childcare needs. Our comprehensive service packages makes possible fast, uncomplicated and tailor-fit childcare when and where you need it. Thanks to our unique and very personal business model our Nanny resource pool is constantly growing with nannies that are well trained, advised and prepared. We enjoy an exceptional reputation and offer you an attractive and versatile service. Our dedication to maintaining our reputation and trust has remained unchanged since 1990.