On-Call Nanny Service for parents-to-be

No family member around and your new baby is about to arrive?

We take care of your children and care for them while you are off to the hospital so that you may devote all your energies to the birth of your child. Go ahead and borrow a care 4 kids nanny!.

Your on-call solution for the care of your children during the due-date period as well as birth of your new baby. We make it possible and take care of everything.

Quick and uncomplicated nanny lending

Complete and submit our Contact form or give us a call. You will receive an Order Form which is to be signed and returned to us so that we may confirm your booking. The rest we take care of!

On short notice and flexible

We get to work and select a job-appropriate nanny from our extensive nanny pool. The nanny will first come by to get to know your family and then be available for the period determined for her on-call service. When your new baby is ready to arrive and you need to go to the hospital, you can call the nanny and she will arrange to quickly get to your home to take over the care of your child.

No administrative effort until your baby arrives or you return home from the hospital

After your baby arrives and our nanny’s assignment is completed you will receive an invoice for the on-call service as well as the childcare hours rendered. Please let us know when your baby has arrived and you no longer require the on-call service. The nanny’s wage and the various social insurances are taken care of by care 4 kids since we employ the nanny.

Professional Childcare so that you can concentrate on the birth of your baby

Our on-call Nannies have significant experience in dealing with each and every sort of childcare situation, they speak your language and are available to you at very short notice. All of our nannies are trained through our multi-level admission process.

Your Security

Thanks to optimal insurance coverage all of our nannies are insured again accidents as well as liability insured for personal- and property damage for up to CHF 10 Million.

1 Our Nanny-lending Service

We select a job-appropriate nanny from our extensive nanny pool who will be at your home as soon as possible after receiving your call. These nannies are trained for such assignments and are very experienced.

The Nanny that cared for your children is employed by care 4 kids. This means we take care of her wage as well as the various social insurances

  • Quick and uncomplicated
  • No administrative effort once your on-call service has been ordered
  • Professional
  • Secure

2 How to proceed in 5 steps

1. Tell us about your childcare needs through our Contact Questionnaire form

2. You receive our price list along with the Order Form.

3. Sign and return the Order Form.

4. You receive our Order Confirmation with our placement fee invoice.

5. After your hospital stay the nanny reports her days of being on call as well as the hours of work rendered (minimum booking being four hours) and we then send you the final invoice.

3 Our Nannies

Since 1990 the reputation of care 4 kids has stood behind every referral. With a nanny resource pool of approx. 200 nannies we guarantee a wide variety of wonderful, multi-lingual individuals. Our nannies are as unique as your personal requirements may be. The care 4 kids nanny team understand your language; in addition to the four Swiss languages we also have people speaking many other languages, for example English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and Swahili.

Our nannies undertake a rigorous admission process with thorough clarifications of what her employment needs are thus fostering a collaboration that is both professional and efficient. Our initial training, continuing education and advisory service as well as solid legal contract samples and guidelines topped off by the care 4 kids liability insurance emphasizes the fact that you are in the best of hands with us.

Die care 4 kids nanny selection process begins with a casual Nanny Meet-up hour. Those candidates seeming suitable for care 4 kids are invited to apply by sending their complete Resume. After carefully reviewing the documents the candidate is invited for an in-depth interview in which we review her professional experience in childcare, her education, profession, languages, hobblies and special interests. The nanny is coached regarding her expected responsibilities, dutes and code of behavior. Standards in avoiding emergencies and the handling of emergencies are discussed. After the interview at least three references will be personally contacted by care 4 kids. We require a Swiss Criminal Record Excerpt from every new nanny and a copy of their Residency Permit B or C.

After a thorough review of each candidate that fulfills our requirements the nanny is received into our nanny pool and, as such, will be liability insured for personal- as well as property-damage for up to CHF 10 Million.

4 Now begin an Inquiry

Tell us about your childcare needs through our contact questionnaire form, quick, uncomplicated and non binding.

Feel free to give us a call so that we may directly answer your questions, 044 252 97 86

We are delighted to provide our price list and order form for your review.

Non-binding inquiry